CandyCane Fitness Classes



Pole Fitness Class Pricing:

Single Class $15

4 Classes - $49

8 Classes - $79

One-on-One Training - $45

Pole is a combination of Ballet and Gymnastics.  Our Fitness classes are designed to deliver a great workout that conditions the entire body incorporating Cardio, Flexibility and Strength Training.   Classes are guided by Personal Trainer/Arnold Classic Pole Medalist.  Your instructor will determine your Pole Level and guide you through an effective workout while teaching the pole skill needed to advance to a higher level.  All classes expire within 45 days of purchase.  There are no weight limits, or pre-requisites to join.  You do not have to be in shape to begin! This is a gym. We will join you wherever you are on your fitness journey.


POLE I/POLE II/POLE III - These classes is designed to guide you through the different levels - Pole I, II, and III.  If new to pole, we suggest taking a Pole I class first to familiarize yourself with basic pole grips and moves.  Class sizes are kept small, so after the the group warm-up, the instructor can work with each student individually on pole moves and techniques.  The chart below contains the most popular pole moves that are broken up into categories.  The instructor will place each student in either Pole I, Pole II, or Pole III and guide each student through learning and perfecting safely. 

POLE DANCE - You know the pole moves, but can you piece together a pole dance routine?  This class is designed for advanced Pole I, Pole II and Pole III students who are ready to combine all of the moves into a choreographed pole dance routine. Bring shorts, tanks, lettings, t-shirt, knee pads, knee highs, and lots of energy!  Take your pole dance to new heights and learn something new every class.  

EXOTIC STATIC POLE - This class is designed for Pole II, Pole III students.  Learn advanced exotic moves on the static pole to form a mini routine.  This class is challenging and extremely rewarding.  Wear leggings, knee highs, heels and tanks.  You will get stronger and more flexible! 

OPEN GYM - We are pleased of offer "Open Gym" so our students can practice outside of class time  Open Gym is a block of time designed for our students to use the studio. There is no class or instructor available; just practice time.  Upon arrival, text 614-403-9306 for our Open Gym policy and access code to enter the studio.  YOU MUST UPLOAD YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE/STATE ID and your profile must be complete for entry.  For continued safety and enjoyment, EVERYONE WHO ENTERS MUST BE REGISTERED!  No walk-ins, tag-a-longs or guests.  Everyone must have an account and be registered to be there, NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you want to bring someone with you, they must create an account and register for the same block. Contact us for any questions.

EXOTIC FLOW/TWERK - Learn twerk/dance basics!  This class targets back, legs and glutes.  Gain confident with your dance style while learning how to move your body. Wear comfortable loose clothing and be prepared for floor work, chair work, or pole work in this 60 min. cardio/strength training class.  Grab your heels, leggings, knee pads & knee highs and learn how to work the floor!  Learn slides, shoulder mounts, hand-stands, flips, crawl, sexy walk, and transition from standing to the floor sexily!!!  The Instructor will guide you through positioning your body properly and safely during this 60 min. weight training class.  Heels are optional.

1-on-1 Sessions

1-on-1 Sessions/Personal Training

Meet with our Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Pole Expert for a 1-on-1 session. 

$45 per session per person. 

Each session is 1 hour



Create an online account

Text 614/403-9306 your name and desired date/time

Receive confirmation text

-Class Recommendations-

We need you Ashy & Naked for Pole Classes! - Dry skin sticks to pole  

No Oils or Lotions & bring Shorts/Tanks for Pole Classes

Heels are optional in all classes

Bring Hand Towel & Rubbing Alcohol to every class

 Bottled Water

Pole Grips are recommended - itac, dryhands and can be ordered from Amazon or Ebay.  Sprays are prohibited.



Below is a chart explaining the different levels and the moves associated with each level.


Please Read the Important Information Below:

1. Enroll in any group fitness class on the class schedule. All classes expire 45 days from purchase date. 

2. Classes are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be put on hold or cancelled for any reason.

3. To reserve your spot, you must enroll in each class online by logging into your account and selecting the classes you want to take. Be sure to complete the registration process. No Drop-Ins without registration will be accepted. 

4. Cancel classes by logging into your account and clicking "My Schedule".

5. 12-hour cancellation policy applies.  Please review policy below.

Sorry – No Exceptions – We want to ensure safety and quality of our instruction.

Cancellation Policy for Fitness Classes:

If you need to cancel a class you are registered for, you must take yourself off of the class roster 12 hours prior to your scheduled class. If you do not cancel within 12 hours, it will be considered a late cancel and no credits or refunds will be issued. Sorry, No exceptions.

Waitlist Policy for Fitness Classes:

You have the option of placing yourself on a class waitlist for a full class. If there is an early cancellation, you will be automatically placed on the class roster and notified by email if you placed yourself on the waitlist. Please do not place yourself on the waitlist if there is any possibility that you will not be able to make the class. The 12-hour cancellation rule applies – No exceptions.